Bedding Plants - £3 per box of 12


Begonia semperflorens produce masses of small flowers in varying shades of white, pink and red, with attractive dark green and bronze foliage. They tend to be used as mass bedding plants but are also excellent in containers, and can be planted in sun or partial shade

Busy Lizzies

 Impatiens, or Busy Lizzies, are a favourite bedding plant that can be used throughout the garden, in hanging baskets, tubs, window boxes and borders. Once planted they need little maintenance, and unlike most annuals they thrive in shady gardens, but require lots of water in dry conditions


 Our bedding Dahlias are an early flowering dwarf variety which will fill flower beds with colourful semi-double flowers throughout the summer. Our dwarf Dahlias are grown from seed, but produce tubers which can be lifted in the autumn, stored in a frost free place and replanted the following spring

French Marigolds

 French marigolds are a short plant with brightly coloured flowers in shades of yellow, orange and brick red. They are ideal for containers, borders and edging


Gazanias are stunning on a hot summer's day, with their bright, daisy-like flowers. It is essential to plant them in full sunshine, but they are easy to grow, bloom over a long period and are very drought-tolerant. Although we sell them as an annual, Gazanias are actually a tender perennial, and following a mild winter, or in a sheltered spot, may return in the spring


Geraniums produce large heads of brightly coloured blooms throughout the summer. They prefer full sun, and are relatively drought-resistant

Lobelia (Bush or Trailing)

Lobelia are available as low growing bushy plants which are ideal for use as an edging plant, or as a trailing form for use in containers and hanging baskets.  We sell both types in either dark blue or mixed colours


 Nicotiana, or flowering tobacco plants, have small star shaped flowers, which give off a scent in the early evening. These are a dwarf variety of Nicotiana, which grow to approximately 12" tall


Popular biannual sold in both our autumn and summer bedding ranges.  Brightly coloured large flowers on frost resistant plants


Petunias have large, brightly coloured trumpet shaped flowers, which add a splash of colour to flower beds and containers throughout the summer. We grow grandiflora and multiflora varieties. The grandiflora petunias have much larger flowers, but are more susceptible to damage in wet and windy weather so require a slightly more sheltered spot. The multiflora variety has a greater number of slightly smaller flowers, but is more robust


Salvias have bright red spikes on a compact bushy plant.  Can be used as bedding or in containers, and is best planted in full sun


 Verbena have large heads of very brightly coloured flowers. Bedding Verbena are ideal for borders and containers and can be planted in full sun or partial shade