About Us

Aspal Lane Nursery, Beck Row is a family run nursery which traded for 15 years in West Row before moving to our current site in Aspal Lane in 2003. We have built a strong reputation for growing quality plants that are great value for money, and many of our customers return year after year

All of the family are involved in the business. Paul started growing plants while still at school, and Louise has been involved in the business since 1995.  Our sons Thomas and Bob have grown up helping around the nursery and both boys now regularly serve customers as well as helping out with jobs such as filling hanging baskets 

Our official meeter and greeter, Teela, is the most placid dog you'll find anywhere, and greets almost every single customer to the nursery (both canine and human); although if you're not comfortable around dogs please just let us know and we'll make sure she is happily enclosed in her pen while you visit

There is always someone available to help you carry plants and compost to your car if you can't manage it. We also offer a free delivery service to Mildenhall and surrounding villages. For non-drivers, the Aspal Lane bus stop is directly outside our gate; we have several customers who come in by bus and have plants delivered home later in the day, or we are happy to take orders over the phone to deliver to customers who can't manage a trip out. Please ask for details.

The latest addition to the Nursery in 2017 was our Tea Shed.  We're still concentrating on what we're best at (which is growing pretty good hanging baskets and bedding plants) so If you're after a caramel macchiato or a decaffeinated skinny vanilla latte then this probably isn't the place for you, but if you want a quick cuppa while you choose one of our 7,500ish hanging baskets, we can now make you a brew.  We're also hoping to offer burgers in 2018 - watch this space!