Hanging Baskets

You can select from thousands of pre-planted hanging baskets in a range of sizes and planting schemes

Our standard size plastic baskets are 27cm diameter (approx. 11") and are planted with a range of trailing plants.  Our wicker baskets are available in two sizes - 12" standard or 16" large, and are planted with a range of trailing and upright plants.  The large baskets can get very heavy, and require a strong bracket.

Available options include our popular mixed hanging baskets, begonia baskets, trailing geranium baskets and fuchsia baskets.  We use professional grade compost in all of our baskets, and incorporate our special blend of slow release fertilisers to promote vigorous growth throughout the season.  Baskets will benefit from an application of liquid fertiliser every other week, and should be kept moist at all times, which may mean watering every day (or even twice!) in hot weather.

Pansy Baskets

 Our frost tolerant pansy baskets are available in two sizes - 27cm standard plastic or 16" large wicker, and are available during both our autumn and spring/summer seasons. We offer baskets planted with either our usual large flowered pansies, or smaller flowered trailing pansies. 

Bespoke Options

We can also offer bespoke baskets and planters for larger businesses (eg pubs, hotels etc), as well as supplying a range of basket and patio plants and professional grade compost if you wish to fill your own baskets or planters.  Please contact Paul early in the season to discuss your requirements. If a specific colour scheme is required, it is best to discuss with Paul as early as November or December to ensure that we have time to order the correct seed or cuttings.